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A blank pill - science fiction writing prompt

Updated: 5 days ago

Use this prompt to practice Science Fiction writing. There are no rules, you can follow the prompt as closely as you want. Answer the questions and see where your story takes you... A blank pill Who are you? Are you writing from your point of view? Is it someone else's? In your hand, you hold a tablet. What does this pill look like? What colour is it? How big is it? What shape? This pill is special, it's power is unlike anything you have ever seen in this world. It has one impossible power. What can this pill do? Choose it's power, it can be anything. Maybe it can make you instantly rich, fly, invisible...

You stare at the pill in your hand, putting it into your mouth and swallow... How do you feel? You feel your blood rushing through your body? You feel nothing? You feel sick? Where are you? Where are you when you take this? On the street? In your bedroom? What is going on around you? Are you on your own or surrounded by people? What is the first (small) thing you would do with it? The first thing that pops into your mind to test your power. What would you do with it for yourself? What do you desire? What do you really want? Why do you want it? What would you do with it for someone else? Think about your friends, your family or a stranger on the street, could you do something for them? Help them in anyway with this power? Can you change the world with it? Do you want to? What are the consequences to these powers? Is it hurting anyone? Are you taking anything away from someone? Now where does this take you? Start your story now or carry on creating your world through questions until you find a place to start.

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