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What to do BEFORE hiring an editor

Have you finished writing your book? Are you looking for an editor? Here is what you need to know and what you need to do before hiring an editor.

Finish your book

When hiring an editor, it's essential that you're completely finished with your book. This may feel like I'm stating the obvious but any changes you make after the copyedit is completed will need a re edit. If you're at stage where your book isn't finished, but you'd like some help and advice with your book, you could enlist the help of structural editor to focus on the macro aspects of your book.

The self-edit

This is extremely important as this will highlight any changes you may want to make before sending your work off to an editor. Self-edits will also ensure you as the author that you are completely finished and show any weaknesses you have in your writing that you may want to let your editor know about so they can focus more on that area.

You may also want to give your book to someone else to read. Again, this is a great way to gain a different perspective on your book and is another way to flag up any issues in your book before sending it over to an editor. This is called the beta editing stage.

Know what you want

What do you want from your editor? There are many stages to editing and it's important to understand the difference between each one to ensure you're getting the right edit for you and your book. For example, the two services I offer are:

Proofreads: A final check of your writing when it's completely finished. In this stage, the goal is to correct any minor errors such as spelling, grammar and punctuation.

Copyedits: This is a much bigger edit and looks at all micro aspects of your book. This stage is much bigger than a proofread and focuses on aspects such as voice and style, language, the story, content, POV, dialogue, consistency and flow including a check on spelling, punctuation, grammar, syntax and formatting. This stage also has more of an impact, offering minor suggestions to the offer for improvement.

For more information about my services:

A plan

This isn't essential but it's a good idea to have an idea with what you want to do with your manuscript once it's been edited. For example, you may want to go down the self-publishing route, or even the traditional route. Editors work with a variety of different authors with different plans and therefore will be able to offer some clarity or advice to help you. If you're following the traditional route, style guides are essential and therefore your editor needs to know if they are following a style suitable to be sent off to an agent or publisher.

And finally,

What to include in your enquiry to an editor

Make sure you include all the information they need in your email/ enquiry to them.

An introduction about yourself and your book

Any deadlines you may have

A wordcount

Your plan for your book

If you have finished your book and you're looking for a fiction editor to either proofread or copyedit your manuscript, then send me a message and we can get started.


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