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Writing tips for beginners

Updated: May 5, 2023

Today I wanted to share with you some of the advice I have for people who are starting out with writing. Now, of course I am no expert but I feel like I know a lot now that would've been useful when I started to pursue my writing. This post is more focused towards writing fiction, however you may find something useful in this post if you're looking at more commercial or non fiction styles. People use writing for different things. Of course, there is the obvious answer; people want to be a writer. But, there are a lot of things writing can be good for, for example; it's a good outlet for yourself, a good way to improve your language and also it can just be a hobby. Either way, I think this blog post will be useful to anyone interested in writing.

So, here are 3 tips for writers who are starting out: DON'T write what you know I HATE this saying. I think it's really dumb. I understand it works more for non fiction writing. 'Write what you know' when maybe your a scientist writing important papers for finding some kind of life saving cure, or if you're writing out a leaflet about first aid and what you're writing could potentially be the difference between someone living or dying. But... I am pretty sure that JK Rowling didn't got to Hogwarts, that Casandra Clare isn't actually a Shadow Hunter or that Ransom Riggs has spent his whole life hiding from Hollowgasts but these authors still seem to have very successfully written about these worlds. Even as a copywriter, I have written about subjects I am no expert in but still have produced an appropriate and good quality piece of writing. You don't have to start on a best selling novel, have fun with it, perhaps start off with some flash fiction. So, don't let that 'saying' hold you back. Write about what you want to write about, otherwise you'll end up forcing something that won't work for you. Experiment with your writing This is so important. When I first started writing properly, I wrote mostly what I liked to read. When I started my degree in Creative Writing, I found I was being challenged to write in different styles and genres. This meant that I was able to work out how I liked to write, what worked for me and what didn't.

Now for this you don't have to go to university to find this out. There are so many different ways to experiment and challenge yourself with your writing. You can find thousands of different exercises online to help you. One that I find really interesting to do is image exercises. This is where you create a story from what you see in the image. For example, If you were eager to try writing science fiction, then you could choose and image that relates to that genre. Or perhaps try a writing prompt. Whatever you write, you don't have to share it, it can be for your eyes only. The more you write, the better and more confident you become. Think of writing as a muscle, the more you work on it, the stronger it will become. Put pen to paper and just DO IT! I think a lot of the time, people struggle to start. They have a great idea they want to write about it, they might plan out the story but then they just don't know how to start it. The good thing is that there is no rule to writing, therefore if you're struggling to start something, then finish it first and write the ending or the middle. It can be hard, as a writer I have definitely suffered from writer's block; but there are so many ways to break out of it.

You are never going to finish it, if you don't start. Your first piece of writing isn't going to be a master piece, so stop stressing out, enjoy it and write.


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