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Readers should support independent authors too!

Independent authors need just as much, maybe even more support than traditionally published authors. Publishing a book on your own is a lot of work and in most cases will cost the author an considerable amount of money to self publish. After all this, the book will be published and not get the same amount of support than traditionally published books.

So as a reader, it would be great if you could support independent authors. This isn't to say ditch traditionally published books; that would be silly. But, say you read an average of one book a week, why not read one self published book a month?

Here are some other ways to support self published authors too:

Follow and share social media

This is such an easy way to support authors. By following them on social media and support their posts by liking, commenting and sharing, you are automatically helping that author put their book in front of other's eyes.

Kindle Unlimited

If you're not aware of what Kindle Unlimited is, it's a book subscription service on Amazon that gives its users unlimited books for a monthly fee. Now by unlimited, I do mean only books that have signed up to be apart of Kindle Unlimited (this is usually decided by the author or publisher). A lot of self published authors will sign their books up to help them build up a readership.

So if you sign up to Kindle Unlimited, you will be able to read endless self published books for no extra cost. Plus, a lot of traditionally published authors also take part in Unlimited, meaning you'll still be able to read your favourite authors too. So really, it's a win, win.

Leave reviews

Reviews are ESSENTIAL for self published authors. So it's so important that if you read their book to leave a review in as many places as you can: Amazon, Good Reads, other websites etc. A lot of the time, if a book doesn't have enough reviews, readers won't want to pick it up just in case the book isn't very good and is a waste of time.

Follow Self Pub Love and other pages

Like I said, social media is an essential tool for self published authors. There are so many pages and accounts out there that are supporting self published authors. Following these pages will give you many choices when it comes to finding a self published book to read. Follow these accounts, share their content and share if you do read on of the books on there.

A couple of months ago, I started a page called Self Pub Love on Instagram:

This page is all about sharing the love for self published authors and giving readers a place to go and find their next book. So, if you're looking GO AND CHECK IT OUT!

And finally,

Look out for independent book fairs

The online book community is a hub for finding books and there are always book fairs going on where authors can showcase their books and for readers to have a browse for their next read.

And you're in luck as there is one this month that actually features a great and up and coming self published author (I hope), me.

(That is if you're reading this post as it comes out, if not and April 2023 has been and gone you've missed it, but there are still plenty of book fairs going on...)

This particular book festival will take place over on Hayley Alderton's Instagram (another very talented self published author).

The Indie Author Spring Festival will feature 30 authors for each day in the month of April.

Check it out!!


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