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Why you need to hire a copywriter

As a business owner, you may be contemplating with the idea of hiring a freelance copywriter to help you. A copywriter is there to help with you all your business copy needs, but perhaps you're wondering if you really need one or if you can just do it yourself.

(You may also be wondering, what is a copywriter? )

Here is why you need a copywriter:

Improved copy across your whole business

A copywriter will be able to help you with all of your business copy. For example, announcements, website copy, descriptions, blog posts, hard copy... All bases will be covered which means you could even think about sharing even more content about your business and products/services and growing your online presence even more.


If you're producing all of your copy yourself, you may find that it's inconsistent because you have other tasks to complete too. It takes more than just a website and a couple of blog posts to build an online presence. A copywriter will be able to work with you to produce regular content. If you want to regularly upload on your social media, website or even business communications (newsletters, marketing emails etc), then a copywriter will be able to work with you to create a schedule for this. You can tell them exactly what you want from them or allow them to create titles and conduct research themself, or a bit of both.


When hiring a copywriter, you are also guaranteeing good quality copy. This is essential as bad quality writing will reflect on your business. And as much as error-free writing is important, it doesn't just stop there. A copywriter will be able to bring your copy to the next level, it's not just about showing customers what is for sale, it's about showing them that they need your product/service, that your business is the right choice for them.

Frees up your time

Writing and producing content for your business and ensuring your business copy is up-to-date and good quality is very time consuming. A lot of the time, this can be prioritised lower down as there are more urgent tasks to complete for your business. Hiring a copywriter will free up your time and allow you more time to run your business and grow.

Offers a fresh perspective

If you have been writing for your business for a while and feel that you want to mix it up, a copywriter will offer a new perspective on your business. As well as a fresh pair of eyes, a copywriter will be able to use their experience to offer suggestions and produce new and exciting copy.

Error-free copy

You are guaranteed to have error-free copy when hiring a copywriter. It is their responsibility to ensure good quality across their writing, therefore you don't have to worry about having copy riddled with errors. You could write the best copy in the world, but if there are mistakes, this will put off customers. If your copy is bad quality, they may think this extends to your product/services.

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