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What you need to know about content writing

Digital marketing is a whole new world that is changing every day, there are so many trends to stay on top of, so many new platforms to join and more. However, one thing that is always a constant is you need to be creating good quality content because bad quality content will land you a lower or non-existent ranking on search engines.

A good way to bring traffic to your website is by publishing content on your site and also directing people through your social media. Blogs are great for online businesses because not only do they bring traffic to your website, it's a good way to show customers more about your business and to show off your knowledge and experience in your field.

So here are some tips when it comes to creating blog content for your website:

Know your audience

This is rule number one and essential when it comes to content writing. Not only do you need to be writing at a level your audience can understand (for example, say you're writing for people over the age of 60, don't include new slang terms that they are not going to know), you also need to make sure that your writing content that your audience wants and is interested in reading. For example, as a beauty company, your readers will not want to be reading content about cars, they will want your expertise on beauty products, tutorials and more.


Now I am sure you have heard of this term, it seems to be all anyone can talk about in the digital marketing world. And for good reason too. SEO - Search Engine Optimisation. This is the process of improving your website's presence so it can rank higher on search engines, meaning more organic traffic. For a blog post, this would mean including commonly searched keywords in your blog post to ensure a higher ranking. The best way to find out what keywords to include is by using a keyword generator. There are a few out there to help you to find out what are most common search keywords for the subject you are writing in, such as Google Ads, Ahrefs, Word Stream. Try to (but not too hard) include these keywords in your blog post, in a very natural and flowing way.

Please remember that search engines weren't born yesterday, they will know if you spam a blog post with keywords and don't include good-quality content. Don't piss off the search engine, it will remember and you will be sent into a digital wasteland, never to receive organic traffic again.

It's not just about advertising your products/ services

A blog post is a great way to give your customers more information about a product or service you may have, but your blog can be so much more than that. This is the perfect opportunity to showcase your knowledge and experience, writing about the field you're selling in. For example, you own a florist, write a blog post about the best flowers to plant in summer, or vegetables you should be planting in autumn.

Just make sure to do your research and ensure you're providing the correct information. This might be the field you're an expert in, but a cheeky fact-check isn't going to hurt anyone.

Keep it simple

Don't complicate things with intricate structures, long introductions and conclusions. Your readers will want the information quickly, so give it to them. A mixture of long pieces and shorter pieces is a great way to rank higher on search engines. However, don't get too hung up on word count, give the information you need to, don't waffle on and give out pointless information.

And finally,

Add media

Again, this is the chance to show off your products. Including your own photos and videos in a blog post is a great way to rank higher on a search engine. So showcase your work and include them in some of your blog posts.


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